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    Generation Accommodation believes that the twin issues of loneliness and social isolation among senior member of our community and the lack of affordable accommodation for students and young professionals can be solved with one solution. As a Social Enterprise, it is the aim of Generation Accommodation to work constructively to tackle these two ever growing problems.

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  • Am I eligible to Share my Home through Generation Accommodation?

    Live Alone

    If you live alone you meet part one of the criteria for joining the Generation Accommodation Community

    No longer in full time Employment

    If you are no longer a full time member of the Workforce you meet part two if the criteria for joining the Generation Accommodation Community

    Spare Room

    If you have a spare room adhering to the Generation Accommodation living standard you meet part three of the criteria for joining the Generation Accommodation Community

  • How I benefit by Sharing my Home through Generation Accommodation?

    Help Others

    By joining the Generation Accommodation Community and offering to share your home you are providing someone in need of housing with safe and affordable accommodation, enabling them to fully partake in the workforce or engage in full time education. 

    Tax Free Income

    Generation Accommodation income is covered under the Revenue Commissioners approved 'Rent-a-Room Scheme' allowing you to earn up to €14,000 rental income, tax free per year.

    Company and Security

    Sharing your home with someone will not only give you peace of mind, and additional security in your home. Becoming part of Generation Accommodation Community allows you to partake in our unique social events and meet individuals who share your passion for helping others.

  • Am I eligible to find a Home through Generation Accommodation?

    Unable to afford Rent

    Are you a student or a young professional who is unable to afford the market value of rent?

    Socially Responsible

    Are you willing to adhere to the house rules as agreed between you and the homeowner?

    Are you willing to become an active member of a Generation Accommodation Home?

    Help Other

    Do you enjoy spending time with and helping other people?

  • How I benefit by Home Sharing through Generation Accommodation?

    Socially Responsible

    Find safe and affordable accommodation while also helping to provide company for someone living alone.

    Convenient Location

    Find accommodation in an area that is in a convenient location to your work or college.

    Affordable Rent

    The cost of rent is decided between the homeowner and home sharer to ensure that both parties are happy with the rate.

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    Alternative Solutions for Student Accommodation Co-founded by serial entrepreneur Bill Liao, social enterprise Generation Accommodation encourages older householders living alone to house share with students and young professionals. Co-living has become a hot topic globally in recent years and...
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